crystal community, events and teachings for modern soul seekers.

Welcome to our online space created from a pure passion for crystals and their unique ability to aid your spiritual development.

At Conscience Crystals we love what we do with all our hearts and are proud of our achievements. If you want to read about our values, community support and how we strive to give back, please head over to our Values page



Our Founder, Gemma, has launched a community


  • Weekly Healing Classes in our Healing Temple
  • Monthly Mindset Coaching Classes
  • Full and New Moon Circles in our own Coven
  • Learn about and Celebrate the Sabbaths in our Coven
  • Our own in-built ‘Crystal Apothecary‘. For those who know Gemma via her book ‘The Crystal Apothecary” and want to learn more.
  • Quarterly Virtual Retreats
  • Private Forum
  • Monthly advance resources
  • Polls
  • Replays of previous Events
  • A 10% Discount for all workshops

Not sure about the above but still want to get involved,  even our free membership is epic and offers the following:

  • Our Community hub so you can make connections and get to know people
  • Our Monday Morning Mindset Class & Q&A
  • Weekly Guidance
  • Monthly Resources 
  • Community forum
  • Attend our regular Town Hall meetings so you can help build and develop our school.



Choose Your Interaction

Facebook Community

Join us and our wonderful community of crystal enthusiasts. In our Facebook community you can ask questions, share knowledge, attend live meditations, and go deep into crystals with us in The Crystal Coven.


Online Courses

Our online courses are designed for both newbie crystal lovers up to fully fledged crystal enthusiasts. We delve into the science and facts that help explain why we love them so much and how they can help us.


1:1 clinics

Our founder Gemma is trained in a range of holistic modalities which she draws upon in her crystal clinics to help others in their personal and professional lives. Expect an emphasis on crystal therapy and intuition.




who we’ve worked with


I´m Gemma, crystal expert, practioner, Teacher and author.

My journey into crystals began early in childhood and I have always known I was an intuitive soul. After some personal early years traumas and various career changes I found myself and my true purpose back with my early attraction to crystals. Now I’m on a mission to help other soul seekers do the same.



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Our Values

Honouring the Earth

When Gemma started Conscience Crystals, her aim was to present crystals in the way they deserve to be seen, as beautiful, powerful aspects of mother earth and spiritual tools for modern day Soul Seekers.

Part of this involves us honouring their lineage and thanking Mother Earth for the chance to work with them.

A large aspect of this requires numerous hours researching and sourcing ethical suppliers. This is still a complicated process that means we only end up purchasing from roughly 1/20 suppliers we find. Gemma spends a lot of time talking to suppliers and understanding their processes. Her ideal, where possible is to source raw crystals from safe, small mines, or ideally from Rock Hunters who find crystals that have risen naturally from the ground. We also aim to source shaped crystals from local craftspeople in the country where the crystals were sourced.

Giving Thanks

We never want to take too much from Mother Earth so we only purchase small quantities from our suppliers, enough to create our curated crystal collections. When those crystals arrive Gemma spends time with each crystal, cleansing, activating and charging them. Some can stay with her for several months if their energies need some work. This means we know we are offering you high vibe, activated and energetically healthy crystals. Once purchased these beauties are sent to you wrapped in a way that honors their importance.

Off setting our Carbon Emissions.

Each month we plant 61 trees through Ecologi. This offsets the cardio emissions of our team, our business and the travel the crystals do. Including their travel from the mine to suppliers, then to us and delivery to you. Trees are planted all around the world, including the UK.

Supporting Charities

Twice a year one of our team will pick a charity to donate crystals to. This is any charity our team members want to pick that can make direct use of the crystals for teaching or healing. Examples could be:

  • Schools for Autistic Children
  • Retirement Homes
  • Animal Shelters
  • Hospices

If you would like to nominate a charity simply send us an email at

WANT TO learn more about crystals?

Join us on our free Instagram introductory course into the wonderful world of these precious gemstones.

here’s what our lovely customers are saying

” Gemma’s knowledge of crystals is inspiring and she is always so happy and supportive in sharing this knowledge with us on the Lives Sales, Q&A sessions and Spiritual Workshops. I highly recommend Conscience Crystal’s lives as they are such a soothing friendly environment full of high vibe content, beautiful crystals and the perfect place to come and recharge your soul.”


“Gemma is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to crystal and my go-to crystal source. Really enjoy both her classes, information she provides about crystals as well as beautiful crystals themselves”.


“Conscience Crystals hosts the most wonderful live crystal sales where they have built a friendly and passionate community. Perfect for all your crystals needs.”


“I’ve loved connecting with you and learning more about crystals and all things spirituality, chakras etc. – you’re such a source of knowledge and I’m so grateful for all your advice and inspiration!”