How can a session help me?

Crystals can help in two overarching ways, to take something out of your life or bring things in. This can be anything within the category body, mind and soul so the ways you can work with crystals is vast.*

Our clinic offers four types of sessions. The first three aid people (individuals, relationships and families/groups) and the fourth focuses on your spaces (homes or work spaces). You can only pick one of those four per session, but within that one option we can easily work through two or three issues, depending on their complexity.


Crystal Clinic

Do you have lots of crystal questions you can’t find the answer too or individual needs you would like to use crystals to help resolve?

Working with crystals can feel overwhelming, after all there are over 4,500 to choose from, so it’s worth seeking guidance to understand the perfect crystal for your needs and what to do with it.

Our Crystal Clinic with Gemma gives you the chance to seek direct 1:1 advice with her so you can find those perfect crystals and make better use of the ones you already have.


More on the session types

Crystal Clinic Session for:

You Healing:

Within the session, we can explore your personal body, mind and soul needs as well as where you would like crystal help right now. We can look at aspirational things you want to bring into your life or areas where you feel healing is needed. Depending on their complexity we would be able to work through 2 to 3 issues in one session.

Your relationships:

This would be the perfect clinic session for romantic or corporate relationships, as well as the ones you have with your parents, siblings and friends. Whether you need Crystal support for a specific issue or you can see unhealthy patterns that keep repeating themselves, there will be crystals and techniques available to help you heal and improve them.

After asking you a collection of questions to understand the dynamics playing out in the relationship, Gemma can work with you to heal your experience with those people.

Your Family:

By this we mean the family you live with today. Normally a spouse and/or children.

This session is for those who feel there is an overarching energy in the home that is in disharmony. Most likely you are aware of it and feel there is potential for healing.

These sessions normally result in Gemma suggesting specific crystals to place in and around the home or to gift to family members.

Your Spaces:

Sometimes homes and working environments store old memories and energies that make them feel less inviting. Crystals can clear and cleanse that energy.

They can also be placed in specific areas to enhance the energy of a loving home, calming yogic space or productive, focused office.

If you want to enhance the energies of your spaces this would be the perfect session for you.

This is particularly useful when you are moving into a new home and want to make it your own.

what to expect

what happens in a session

In total a session is 2 hours long, this is split into two one hour Zoom meetings. Like Alchemists of the past, this enables Gemma to find out where you need support (the first session) then explore further to bring her suggestions and guidance to you in the second session.

session one

In this first session, Gemma will ask a number of questions to understand your needs and the outcome you are looking for. 

This will include asking for more detail about the specific issue(s) and understanding what crystals you already have. Where possible she will try and suggest ways you can work with your current crystal collection, so you don’t have to purchase extra crystals.

She will also check if there are any crystal techniques you don’t want to do, or crystals you don’t wish to work with. So the suggestions will be as bespoke to your needs as possible.

Remember, when Gemma is talking with you she never expects you to answer anything you don’t want to.

She might also pull on her other modalities to help identify the underlying cause of the issue and therefore the exact crystal needed.

session two

Between sessions Gemma will converse with her spirit guide team and your higher self (with your agreement) to understand in more detail just what you need.

Then in the second session she will go through what was said and the perfect crystal(s) to help aid the healing.

In this session she will teach you specific crystal therapy techniques you can use to aid you and answer any questions you have.

Does crystal healing feel right for you?

When I was initially drawn to crystals Gemma was the first person I turned to educate myself, I landed on my feet!

Not only is Gemma’s knowledge astounding but it is her pure passion that’s stands out. Gemma draws you into a magical world where anything feels possible. She is the whole package, including one of the kindest, caring and patient ladies I have ever had the luck to have in my life.


I rekindled my connection with crystals 3 years ago and Conscience Crystals has been a big part of my journey. Gemma’s knowledge of crystals is inspiring and she is always so happy and supportive in sharing this knowledge with us…. 

If you are looking for guidance in spirituality and holistic wellness look no further.



Frequently Asked Questions

I have several things I would like guidance on. Can we cover them all in one session?

We have four categories of support:

  1. You
  2. Your Relationships
  3. Your family
  4. Your Spaces

They are broken up into these categories as each one requires different information so we can only cover one category per session. However, within that Gemma can normally work with you through two or three issues per 2 hour session.

If your issue covers more than one category, please book a separate session per category.

Why are there two Sessions?

Gemma believes that in order to serve you best,  extra time is required to check in with her personal guides and your higher self. They will always give more profound and useful answers than we can create for ourselves. Separating the sessions and allowing time between enables her to do this.

How do I prepare for a session?

Once you have booked, please make sure you have Zoom on your devices. A link for the clinic session will be sent no later than 24 hours before the session.

Please thoroughly consider how you would like support before the session takes place. If something is thought of after the session, a new session would need to be booked to cover it. Therefore we recommend you fully consider your questions and intentions in advance to make the most of our time together.

Once you have pinpointed where you would like support, try to be as specific as possible and if you have several ways you would like support, try to categorize them so we cover the most important first.

Just before a session, consider creating a peaceful self-care space for yourself. This might include wearing comfy clothes, making a herbal tea and having your journal and pen to hand.

If you already have a crystal collection, it is useful to have them with you during both sessions as Gemma will always try and suggest techniques to use with your current crystal collection first.

Do you record the Session?

Normally we do not record the first session but Gemma will record the second so you have a log of her suggestions.

Will I have to buy lots of crystals?

You do not need to buy any crystals. Even if you don’t own any and don’t intend to buy some Gemma can still show you ways to work with crystals.

One of the reasons Gemma likes to ask you lots of questions is so she can see what crystals you already have, determine whether you want to work with those only or if you would want to purchase more.

There is no pressure to purchase crystals as Gemma can show you how to work with them even if you don’t own that specimen.

Can all people be treated?

We remind any clients with mental and/or physical health complaints to always seek professional advice from your doctor. Crystal therapy is an aid in healing only.

If you are suffering from Mental health problems we ask that you seek guidance first from your mental health professional. When they believe they are happy for you to work with us, please let Gemma know about your condition so she can make sure you are using the best crystal to aid recovery.

If you are pregnant, think you might be or are trying please tell Gemma so she can offer you the best support.

 *Please remember we can never promise to heal any ailment. If you have a physical or mental health ailment please see a Doctor or relevant professional first and use crystal healing as an aid in your healing.