Conscience Crystals Gems


Loyalty should be rewarded

We truly love our customers and to show just how much, we have created a
Crystal Credit loyalty scheme and a VIP group called Conscience Crystal Gems.

For more information about how our two loyalty schemes work read on below. 



crystal credit

Every time you purchase anything on you will earn points, which we call crystal credit. That includes items from our online shop and Instagram Live Sales as well as some of our workshops and courses.

You have full control of your crystal credits so can redeem them anytime you want, so why not enjoy some money off your next Instagram Live sale or a free ticket to a future event.

How do I start collecting points?

Simply create an account before your next purchase. Your loyalty point score will automatically be kept there so you must be logged in during each purchase to claim points.



how you can earn extra points

First Purchase - 500 bonus points
Once you create an account, place your first order and we will reward you with an extra 500 points.
Birthday Gift - 500 bonus points

If you have added your Birthday details to your account information on your birthday each year, you will receive 500 extra points as a little gift from us to you.*

*You need to have added your date of birth to your account in advance of your birthday to receive these points. We cannot backdate them for you.

Tell your friends about us - 100 bonus points

Each 30 days you can accrue an extra 100 points by sharing the following on Instagram or Facebook
• Share details of our future Sales & events
• Post up images of your crystal purchases
• Tell people about our Facebook Crystal Community

Make sure you tag us in your posts so we see them, then we will manually add 100 points to your account.**

**It is your responsibility to tag us and make sure we see your posts.




How do I sign up?
The next time you’re making a purchase on make sure you set up an account with us. That is how the system gets to know you and can start building up your points. It is also where you go to see how many points you have earned.
How do I redeem my points?

Sign into your account before you make your purchase. Then at checkout you will have the option to redeem points.

Is there a minimum spend or cap on the points I earn?
There is no minimum spend, you accrue points for every pound spent. However you can only redeem £100 worth of points per transaction.
Can I just redeem some, not all of my crystal credit?
Yes – at checkout you will be given the option to state how many credits you want to redeem and what that is related to in pounds sterling.
Is there an expiry date on the points?
If your account is inactive for a year then your points will expire.
Can I collect points without creating an account?
No – You will need an account to collect points.
Can I turn redeemed points back into Crystal credit?
Sadly not – Once they have been redeemed we cannot change them back.
What happens if my order is refunded, cancelled or the payment fails?

If any of those happen the points earned on that transaction will be automatically reinstated. If awarded points are redeemed before any of those happen then you will end up in a minus credit total. You will need to go back into credit before you can redeem points.

I have a question about my Crystal Credits

Please email us so we can answer your questions.




We are also excited to announce the launch of our VIP scheme. This is for those amazingly loyal customers who’s purchases exceed over £1500 in total (that is all purchases added together).

Once this happens, as a heart warming thank you from us, we will welcome you into our Conscience Crystal Gems group so you can enjoy extra ongoing monthly events and benefits.

How do I join?

Once you have spent over £1500 with us, we will automatically send you an invite. There is no time limit on spend to join the group.

I believe I qualify for the membership but I have not been invited?

We send out invites once a month. If you feel you qualify but have not received an invite please email us at:

How to Retain your VIP Membership:

Once invited we ask that you make a purchase at least every 5 months. That way the group stays full of engaged customers.

If a purchase hasn’t been made within that timeframe we will let you know before removing you from the group.



terms and conditions

Finally here are some extra T&CS specific to our loyalty scheme and VIP Group:


Loyalty points are calculated after any discount codes or other offers are added to the checkout value. Please note Crystal Credits cannot be redeemed for their monetary value or any other form of credit. The maximum amount of credits that can be redeemed in one purchase is £100 of crystal credits.  We cannot backdate points. This means you must login before you make a purchase if you want to accrue the points. *This includes Birthday points. You must add your birthday details to the system in advance to qualify for those points. Conscience Crystals reserved the right to make changes to the loyalty scheme without notice.


Please treat all other Crystal Gem members how you would like to be treated yourself. To retain your VIP membership you must make a purchase at least every 5 months. If you haven’t, we will let you know before removing you from the group. Please do not advertise other Crystal Shops, Lives or events within the group. Conscience Crystals reserves the right to cancel Conscience Crystal Gems membership at any time and without warning. If a crystal is claimed within the @ConscienceCrystalGem account but then not paid for, that member automatically loses membership rights. Membership cannot be redeemed for any monetary value or other form of credit.